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HYDRO - INSTANT SANITIISER GEL is a powerful hand sanitiser, highly concentrated and fast. Killing 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria, the rapidly acting formula is designed to help to avoid the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses, to keep you safe!

Made with natural skin conditioners and having a pleasant fragrance, HYDRO - SANITIISER GEL is suitable for all skin types. Simply apply a generous amount to your palm, spread and rub in over the back of your hands and fingertips, then allow it to air dry.

HandWash-1ltr Jcan.600.jpg

HYDRO- HandWashGel is a powerful sanitizing citrus based hand gel that is gentle to your skin with a pH neutral biodegradable formulation. Just one little amount will clean and remove the common grease, oils, smells or bacteria in no time. Just rub a nut seize volume of HYDRO-HandWashGel onto your hands evenly, wait 20 seconds till dry and wash off with plenty of water; clean sanitized and citrus fragranced hands are the result­.

HYDRO-BigBlue -1ltrJcan600.jpg

HYDRO- BigBlue is a highly concentrated fast-acting anti-bacterial surface sanitiser. Its high concentration will rapidly remove the thickest grime and dirt, mildew, soap scum and bacteria. HYDRO- BigBlue with its specially formulated anti-bacterial properties will leave all surfaces germ free and sparkling!

HYDRO- BigBlue highly charged active agents make it incredibly effective on any bathroom or kitchen surface without the use of bad chemicals that will effect your health and the environment.

HYDRO- BigBlue liquid is made to last and be used directly out of the bottle or in a dispenser leaving a pleasant Eucalyptus fragrance.

HYDRO- BigBlue requires less cleaner then its peers further reducing your carbon footprint without damaging your skin.

WetEx water repellent

WetEx the eco friendly way to get a better water repellent and a smaller foot print. Water hates WetEx .

In your bathroom on your floors or walls. Protection that is not affect your health.

Shampoo and Tonic set N'Alocare.jpg

Stop The Loss!  Shampoo and Tonic for Him & Her

Use it Or Loos It!

N'Alocare shampoo is up to 10x more concentrated than that other German brand!

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